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NEW! hydro masque exfoliant

Try our new exfoliating cream masque that hydrates & exfoliants in a single step.

  • multivitamin power recovery masque quick view

    multivitamin power recovery masque

    nutrient-rich rescue

    € 18,00 - € 55,00

  • blackhead clearing fizz mask quick view

    blackhead clearing fizz mask

    fizz activated, blackheads eliminated

    € 23,00

  • stress positive eye lift quick view

    stress positive eye lift

    de-puffing eye treatment and masque

    € 69,00

  • sebum clearing masque quick view

    sebum clearing masque

    breakout preventing clay

    € 55,00

  • skin hydrating masque quick view

    skin hydrating masque

    refreshing, cooling gel

    € 45,00

  • charcoal rescue masque quick view

    charcoal rescue masque

    all-in-one, detoxifying treatment

    € 49,00

  • hydro masque exfoliant quick view

    hydro masque exfoliant

    hydration + exfoliation

    € 69,00