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dryness and dehydration


Tightness and dryness are the telltale signs of dry and dehydrated skin.

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Tightness and dryness are the telltale signs of dry and dehydrated skin.

But, these two conditions with similar symptoms have very different triggers at a cellular level. Learn the difference and find your products for hydrated, healthier skin.

Dry skin, or alipoid skin, generally refers to skin that is lacking in oil. Dehydrated skin is characterized by lack of moisture (water) in the Stratum Corneum. This explains why even oily skin can experience dehydration. As mentioned, dehydration is a lack of water, not oil. This means sebaceous oil activity can still be normal or even overactive in dehydrated skin.

Tightness and dryness are the telltale signs of dry and dehydrated skin.

  • hydro masque exfoliant quick view

    hydro masque exfoliant

    hydration + exfoliation

    € 69,00

  • precleanse balm quick view

    precleanse balm

    balm-to-oil emulsifyer

    € 15,00 - € 49,00

  • intensive moisture cleanser quick view

    intensive moisture cleanser

    nourishing cleanser

    € 42,00 - € 67,50

  • multi-active toner quick view

    multi-active toner

    hydrating, refreshing spritz

    € 15,00 - € 45,00

  • antioxidant hydramist quick view

    antioxidant hydramist

    refreshing antioxidant shield

    € 15,00 - € 49,00

  • phyto replenish oil quick view

    phyto replenish oil

    luminous, hydrating treatment

    € 79,00

  • skin hydrating booster quick view

    skin hydrating booster

    intensely moisturizing concentrate

    € 69,00

  • barrier defense booster quick view

    barrier defense booster

    concentrated oil booster

    € 75,00

  • intensive moisture balance quick view

    intensive moisture balance

    ultra-nourishing moisturizer

    € 20,00 - € 79,00

  • skin smoothing cream quick view

    skin smoothing cream

    with Active HydraMesh Technology

    € 19,00 - € 69,00

  • dynamic skin recovery spf50 quick view

    dynamic skin recovery spf50

    firming, emollient moisturizer

    € 25,00 - € 79,00

  • barrier repair quick view

    barrier repair

    shielding, protective moisturizer

    € 49,00

  • sound sleep cocoon quick view

    sound sleep cocoon

    transformative night gel-cream

    € 85,00

  • overnight repair serum quick view

    overnight repair serum

    intense revitalizing treatment

    € 75,00

  • intensive eye repair quick view

    intensive eye repair

    replenishing eye cream

    € 65,00

  • skin hydrating masque quick view

    skin hydrating masque

    refreshing, cooling gel

    € 45,00

  • body hydrating cream quick view

    body hydrating cream

    conditioning skin smoother

    € 35,00

  • intensive moisture trio quick view

    intensive moisture trio

    nourishes 10 layers deep

    € 45,00

    (£ 44,00 value)