Quiet Quitting – How Is This Trend Related To Skin Care And Is It Good For You?

Quiet Quitting – How Is This Trend Related To Skin Care And Is It Good For You?

The latest skin care trend to hit our socials is ‘quiet quitting’. You may have heard of the term which trended on Tik Tok recently but this was related to your day job. The concept of quietly quitting at work is to essentially do the bare minimum required, stick to your job spec and leave on time. But how does this trend relate to skin care and should we be paying attention? We asked our Education Manager Victoria to explain more.

When it comes to successfully caring for your skin, there are some essential steps and key formulas you need to use every day to achieve and maintain skin health. The concept of quietly quitting your skin care regimen can be a good thing so long as you don’t omit the basics.

Complicated regimens or a few simple steps?

Whilst some of us love a 10-step regimen, for many of us, we may not have the time, budget or interest and look to a simpler regimen to fit our lifestyle and personal needs. At Dermalogica, we’ve always been about personalised skin care and can advise you on the best products to get the results you’re looking for – and yes, you can achieve that with just a few simple steps.

It’s also worth noting, that sometimes we overdo it with our skin care. Skin can quickly become compromised and stressed if we over process it with actives such as Retinol and Acids. Sometimes, when skin is unbalanced, stripping back to basics with a focus on hydration and defence can be just what your skin needs.

Back to basics skin care

Essentially the trend of quiet quitting with your skin care is getting back to basics and simplifying your routine, an evolution of the ‘skinimalism’ trend. This may appeal if you find yourself with less time or motivation or are cutting back due to budgeting. It’s also an advisable move if your skin is freaking out and you’re struggling to get it under control. Sometimes less is more!

Here’s a simple 3-step regimen to quietly quit your skin care regimen

These steps include the essentials for maintaining healthy skin and the suggested multi-tasking products contain ingredients suitable for all skins to cleanse, clear, hydrate and protect.

1. PREP with double cleansing and exfoliation

2. TREAT with actives

3. GLOW with moisturiser and environmental defence

If you’re not sure what products to use in your regimen and need some personalised advice, reach out to one of our Professional Skin Therapists now. Chat live or book for a free digital consultation and start your journey to healthy skin.

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