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Dermalogica Supports Domestic Violence Charity Initiative Shea Haven

Dermalogica Supports Domestic Violence Charity Initiative Shea Haven

Dermalogica Supports Domestic Violence Charity Initiative Shea Haven

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Dermalogica supports domestic violence charity initiative Shea Haven

We are immensely proud to be an official partner of the charity initiative Shea Haven in an effort to provide domestic violence education to our community of Professional Skin Therapist’s across the UK and Ireland. At Dermalogica we are committed to ensure all skin care professionals are trained to spot the signs of domestic violence and know how to respond appropriately.

According to the Office for National Statistics, police in the UK recorded 259,324 domestic abuse offences between March and June 2020, a 7% increase on the same period in 2019. During and after the first lockdown in April, May and June, roughly one-fifth of offences involved domestic abuse.

Salon stylists, skin therapists and spa professionals have a unique relationship with their clients. The women and men working in these salon environments are in the perfect position to hear about and see the signs of domestic violence. But many may not know how to respond. In 2017 YWCA Nashville & Middle Tennessee and volunteer Susanne Post, a Nashville-based salon owner, stylist, and survivor of domestic violence developed Shear Haven education programme, training salons and stylists in anti-domestic violence training.

A survivor of domestic violence, Susanne is committed to educating the community on the signs of abuse and the resources available to help women and men who are victims. This domestic violence education program equips salon professionals with the knowledge and resources to recognise the signs of domestic violence, successfully navigate conversations with clients who may be in danger and pass along tools that can help them get to safety.

With a community of thousands of Dermalogica skin therapists, we know how trusted the relationship is between our therapists and their clients. For many women suffering domestic abuse, the salon environment may be their only safe haven and their therapist the only person they could open up to. Skin therapists and beauty professionals are in a special position to spot signs of domestic violence. Being such trusted confidants allow them to spot nuances that other industries might not see. Over time, clients will open up about their personal lives as trust is built. Providing skin care professionals with Shea Haven’s training is invaluable and could save a life.

The training helps salon staff recognise the signs of domestic violence, learn to respond to the client in a non-judgmental way, and how to refer to resources that can get the client to a TRAINED professional.

Salon Business Expert, Liz McKeon has been announced as Ambassador for Shear Haven anti-domestic violence salon training in the UK and Ireland. Liz comments: “My long-term vision is to educate and empower salon professionals to help vulnerable clients and staff, provide a safe environment for victims and hopefully save lives, while recognising the role our amazing industry can play in highlighting the severity of domestic violence in our communities.”

At Dermalogica we are proud to be a part in this initiative and raise awareness of this free and invaluable training and will encourage as many of our skin therapist community as possible to partake in this training by proving access via our education learning hub.

If you or anyone you know needs help or advice, please contact these organisations.

UK: https://www.refuge.org.uk

Ireland: https://www.womensaid.ie

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