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Introducing The New Must-Have Hydrating Serum

Introducing The New Must-Have Hydrating Serum

Introducing The New Must-Have Hydrating Serum


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We are excited to bring to you our new Circular Hydration Serum. A long-lasting serum that immediately floods skin with hydration, replenishes from within, and helps prevent future hydration evaporation. Our Education Manager Victoria shares how to kick-start your skins hydration cycle.


Article Highlights

  • Why hydrated skin is essential for heathy skin and how serums can help maintain skin’s moisture levels
  • Learn why skin becomes dehydrated and how to prevent essential moisture loss for smoother, healthier looking skin
  • Discover how Circular Hydration Serum works to advance skin’s hydration cycle

What is dehydrated skin?

Our skin is at constant risk of dehydration and as a skin therapist, we very rarely look at skin without some degree of it. Our skin needs consistent hydration levels to function effectively and remain in good health but what do we mean by dehydrated skin? One of the hallmarks of dehydrated skin is a tight, dry feeling – particularly after cleansing. Dehydrated skin will often also present as visible flakiness with fine, crepey lines. Oiliness can also be a sign of dehydration: when skin lacks adequate water, it may over-produce sebum (oil) in an attempt to compensate for the lack of hydration. This presents as oiliness and possible congestion along with a dry or flaky-looking appearance.


Causes of skin dehydration

Loss of hydration in the skin comes from many factors, including:

  • Alkaline cleansers that strip skin of its natural moisture. Skin can feel tight after cleansing
  • Incorrect product use such as over-exfoliating, over-cleansing, or not properly moisturising skin. Skin feels rough, looks flaky and can be sensitised
  • Climate. A lack of environmental moisture, typically a dry climate with low humidity. Central heating and air conditioning can sap moisture from the skin too
  • Certain medications, diet, or low water intake. Hydration through the diet is important for skin health
  • The natural skin ageing process, which depletes skin’s natural lipids and its ability to hold on to hydration

Neglecting to replace the skin hydration we lose on a daily basis can lead to dehydrated skin, a compromised barrier, and eventual skin sensitivity.


Skin’s hydration cycle

circular hydration serum product bottle inside a circular wave of water

When thinking about how to treat dehydrated skin, it’s useful to think of skin hydration as a cycle. Skin can become dehydrated when its barrier is compromised and unable to retain enough water. When this happens, water flows in just one direction: from skin’s deepest layers up to its surface and is then lost to the atmosphere via Trans-Epidermal Water Loss (TEWL).

To effectively manage dehydration and maintain an optimal moisture balance, we want to balance water absorption and water evaporation – and we want to minimise the occurrence of excess hydration evaporation. To accomplish this, we need skin care products that advance skin’s hydration cycle – minimising TEWL while also replenishing skin’s hydration, both topically and from within.


A new way to hydrate your skin!

circular hydration benefits labeled on the product bottle, Immediately hydrates, delivers long-lasting hydration, replenishes skin from within

3 ways Circular Hydration Serum works to deeply hydrate skin

1. Locks in hydration and promotes barrier protection

Includes ingredients that help minimise water evaporation from the surface of the skin and delivers quick and long-lasting hydration such as high molecular weight Polyglutamic Acid, Algae Extract-infused moisturising matrix, and Hydrolysed Rice Protein. In addition, Lactobacillus Ferment + Avena (Oat) Extract helps balance skin’s microbiome.

2. Delivers natural hydration 

To replenish the skin with moisture, a blend of moisturising Amino Acid molecules similar to skin’s Natural Moisturising Factor attract and bind water on skin’s surface plus Hyaluronic Acid with organic Silicium easily penetrates the skin, delivering Hyaluronic Acid into deeper layers for radiant skin.

3. Stimulates hydration from within

To stimulate our own moisturising molecules within the skin, low molecular weight Polyglutamic Acid from fermented soybean, improves water reserves by stimulating the production of Hyaluronic Acid and Natural Moisturising Factors to enhance skin thickness and help firm the skin. Combined with plant-derived sugars that stimulate Hyaluronic Acid and production of glycosaminoglycans to help improve skin’s water reserves for long-lasting hydration.>


Flood skin with hydration – clinical results

clinical analysis of hydration levels over 10 hours when using circular hydration serum, deeply hydrates skin for 10+ hours and increases hydration levels over time

How to use Circular Hydration Serum

You may wonder, if I already use a moisturiser, do I need a hydrating serum as well? Yes, you do! Earlier in the article we discussed the Trans-Epidermal Water Loss that occurs as part of skin’s hydration cycle. Circular Hydration Serum is formulated to deliver and ‘seal in’ optimal hydration at multiple levels within the skin’s surface. Moisturisers’ comparatively heavier formulas sit on top of the skin, forming a complementary barrier that helps keep in hydration and moisture.

Dispense a few drops of Circular Hydration Serum and smooth over cleansed face and neck morning and night after toning and before moisturising. Diligent, daily hydration – even when skin isn’t feeling thirsty – will prevent future dehydration and a compromised barrier.


PRO bright for next level results

Take your skins radiance to the next level with a Pro Bright service. This high-intensity, 3-phase skin treatment boosts absorption of highly effective actives to reveal brighter, smoother, more hydrated skin! To book yours, find your nearest Dermalogica skin therapist here.

Check out our Instagram Live for a deep dive into the product:

For personalised advice on treating your skin and how best to integrate Circular Hydration Serum into your regimen, chat live with one of our Professional Skin Therapists here.

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