Do you suffer with dry skin?

Do you suffer with dry skin?

Do you ever get that tight feeling on your skin? Does your skin feel rough or itchy? You’re not alone! Millions of people worldwide have dry skin, which can trigger chronic discomfort, flaking, itching and sensitivity. At the root of these issues is a compromised skin barrier, which lets water escape, causing intense dryness and a loss of skin’s natural glow.

What causes dry skin?

While some dry skin is genetic, today more than ever, skin is exposed to extremely damaging environmental factors such as pollution and free radicals compromising the skin’s moisture barrier. Unlike dehydrated skin, which needs water, dry skin needs lipids (oils). When the lipid barrier is compromised, the skin becomes more vulnerable to moisture loss and factors such as environmental stress. This leads to signs of dryness such as flaking, dullness, roughness, tightness, itching, irritation, and cracking. To restore and prevent dry skin from becoming worse, lipids need to be replenished, nourished, and protected.

How to treat dry skin

A strong skin barrier helps keep skin hydrated and healthy-looking by holding water in and keeping environmental pollutants and microbes out. A great way to overcome dry skin concerns is to use products rich in ingredients that will nourish, condition, and moisturize the skin as well as help restore and strengthen the lipid barrier. Plant butters, waxes and oils are great options to deliver ultra-nourishing benefits as they are loaded with lipids that can replenish dry skin.



The first step to healthy skin is to clean it effectively by double cleansing. You can either use a specific ‘pre-cleansing formula’ like an oil-based cleanser before your regular cleanser or by washing, rinsing and repeating with the same cleanser.

Precleanse, is an oil-based cleanser which removes make up and surface debris without the uncomfortable stripped feeling afterwards. Partner with Intensive Moisture Cleanser, a light, creamy cleanser enhanced with BioReplenish Complex removes impurities while actively nourishing dry, depleted skin. These cleansers are the power couple for cleansing dry skin.

The next step to Prep is to gently exfoliate, this will buff away dull, flaky dead skin cells and encourage barrier replenishment.

Daily Microfoliant is Dermalogica’s powder based exfoliant, gentle enough for daily use. Not only is it praised for its brightening powers it also includes a super-soothing blend of Colloidal Oatmeal and Allantoin that helps calm skin.


Let the moisture melt in!

Melting Moisture Masque is a leave-on masque that delivers a deeply satisfying melting sensation, helps protect against damaging environmental factors for healthier-looking skin and helps restore dry skin’s lipid barrier. At the heart of this masque is our MeltingPoint Complex.

The MeltingPoint Complex is packed with nourishing ingredients that are activated by skin’s natural heat to deliver a satisfying melting sensation as it penetrates skin’s surface layers to deeply nourish and rehydrate. The MeltingPoint Complex also gives this masque its vitamin-rich, buttery texture, which elegantly transforms from balm to oil upon contact with the skin. Hydrating Plankton Extract helps soothe and protect skin against the drying effects of pollution. Linoleic Acid nourishes while Vitamin E helps protect against skin-damaging free radicals, which surround us on a daily basis.

Melting Moisture Masque is a unique leave-on masque, delivering the concentrated benefits of a masque and the long-lasting hydration of a moisturiser. Tissue off excess if preferred and follow with your favourite Dermalogica moisturiser/SPF. Use once or twice a week, or as needed.

Pro tip!  

Melting Moisture Masque can be used close around the eyes and over dry, cracked lips. Try it on dry cuticles, elbows or cracked hands and feet to nourish and restore skin’s texture.


Every skin needs moisturising daily to balance hydration and reinforce the skins natural protective barrier. For dry skin this is even more critical to ensure the lipids are replaced and skin concerns are not exacerbated.

Intensive Moisture Balance is an ultra-nourishing moisturiser that restores lipid balance to dry, depleted skin for optimal barrier performance. BioReplenish Complex delivers a proven combination of key barrier lipids to help enhance the skin's natural resilience and support barrier recovery.

As the richest Dermalogica moisturiser, Super Rich Repair combats chronically dry, dehydrated and prematurely-ageing skin conditions while it repairs, protects, soothes, and replenishes even the thirstiest skin while acting as a protective salve to fight extreme cold and dry environmental conditions.

The single best thing you can do to preserve your skin health is wear a high SPF daily, all year round. Add a generous layer of Invisible Physical Defence SPF30 over your moisturiser every morning to shield dry, sensitive skin against skin-damaging environmental assault.


For more guidance on how you can support your dry skin, be sure to book in with your local Professional Skin Therapist for Expert guidance and a personalised regimen here or book an online 1-2-1 virtual consultation with facemapping here.

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