Brighter Eyes, Day And Night

Brighter Eyes, Day And Night

The delicate skin around your eye is the thinnest on your body – equivalent to only a few sheets of paper. It’s also the first area on your face to show the signs of skin ageing.

Using Dermalogica eye treatments both day and night can help smooth, firm and brighten the eye area in accordance with your body’s natural circadian rhythm.


During the day

  • Look for a daytime eye treatment with ingredients to address puffiness and dark circles to energise the eyes and mask tiredness.
  • Use eye products with gentle skin retexturizing ingredients such as fruit enzymes to gently smooth the eye area and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Apply your SPF close up around the eye area to defend the skin from damaging UV rays.
  • Our top eye products for your morning regimen are Awaken Peptide Eye Gel and BioLumin-C Eye Serum.

Before bedtime

  • Apply a nighttime eye treatment to help rejuvenate and repair your skin while you sleep
  • Look for ingredients that target multiple signs of skin ageing at once
  • Age Reversal Eye Complex contains Retinol and tissue-regenerating peptides to fortify compromised skin
  • Alternatively MultiVitamin Power Firm contains a powerful firming complex to combat lines around the delicate eye area

For best results

  • Less is more! Use the size of a grain of rice amount shared between both eyes. Too much product around this area can lead to puffiness and irritation
  • Pat on eye treatments with your ring finger for the lightest pressure
  • Apply from outside corner in to avoid stretching the skin unnecessarily
  • Avoid rubbing or being too rough, which can promote sagging
  • Follow your orbital bone, don’t apply close to or over the lashes to avoid product entering the eyes
  • Try a cooling eye wand or a Gua Sha stone to enhance depuffing and boost microcirculation to plump out fine lines
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