five reasons to visit your professional skin therapist

five reasons to visit your professional skin therapist

We are very excited that our local professional skin therapists are now open. Here are 5 reasons to visit your professional skin therapist:

1. Get expert skin advice

From stress to changes in health and habits, your skin has probably been through a lot too.  Your professional skin therapist is qualified to assess your skin and provide personalised lifestyle advice that supports skin health.

2. Update your daily regimen

Adjusting your regimen in line with skin and season changes can ensure you maintain your skin health. Explore the latest products with cutting edge ingredient technologies to super charge your at-home programme. Your professional skin therapist can help you match specific ingredients and formats to your skin and lifestyle needs.

3. Kickstart skin with professional treatments

Professional grade products deliver professional grade results. Formulated with higher levels of actives or designed to be powered up with skin care technologies from microcurrent to LED, your professional skin therapist can kickstart your skin in the treatment room for next level results.

4. Benefit from human touch

Scientific research confirms the importance and benefit of human touch to our physical, mental and emotional health. Professional treatments and Touch Therapies can boost wellbeing.  

5. Support local business

Ensure the survival of local business which is at the heart of our communities. Show your support by booking treatments and services, purchasing your skin care, and leaving reviews of your experience.

Visit your local Dermalogica Expert to find out more and get personalised advice on how to achieve healthy skin. Book a virtual consultation with Face Mapping or a Dermalogica Pro Skin Service for advanced results. Find your nearest professional skin therapist with our store locator.

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