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how much product should you use?

“How much cleanser should I use?”  “Am I using too much eye cream?” “Do I need a toner?”

Too much of a good thing can be bad, that includes cleanser.  But is your overuse of products also pinching your wallet? Adapt these skin care strategies that save your cash and deliver better skin.

Get your free Face Mapping® skin analysis from a professional skin therapist and never waste money on products again!  Many clients don’t know their true skin condition, which leads to inaccurate purchases that waste money because they don’t work.

Face Mapping® diagnoses your unique skin condition and subsequently prescribes the right products – meaning no disappointment and all results.
When performed at Skin BarSM, Face Mapping® is your opportunity to learn to use products correctly under the advice of your skin therapy professional. In other words, you try before you buy! No time to stay at Skin BarSM?  Ask your therapist for samples to try at home.
Multi-purpose is another word for stretching your skin care dollar. Invest in dual-and triple-action products:

Using too much product means buying more frequently than necessary. Follow our tips to get the most out of every bottle:

  • A pea-sized amount of foaming gel cleansers goes a long way when mixed with water.
  • Skin dampened with toner helps stretch your moisturizer and maximize absorption.  And, only a pea-sized amount of moisturizer is needed.
  • Use a quarter-sized amount of a masque, applying with a damp fan brush rather than your fingers.
  • Think a rice grain per eye when applying eye treatments.
  • Higher-grade products are super-concentrated and may cost more up front, but you will use far less as a little goes a long way.
  • Use The Ultimate Buffing Cloth with your Conditioning Body Wash rather than dispensing directly onto your body. You’ll use 50% less.
  • Pretty packaging is not where it’s at: in fact, you just might be paying more for that package than you are for the product!  Get real and choose based upon ingredients, not if a bottle matches your bathroom.  Look for hygienic, contamination-free pumps and tubes that dispense exactly what you need and won’t spoil before you can use it all.

Get your customized must-have products for year-round skin care that’s easy on your budget with your free Face Mapping® skin analysis, available at a skin treatment center, salon or spa near you.